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What (and who) is Command Comma?

Based in Berlin and run by Kelly Ford, Command Comma provides marketing consulting services and angel investing into early-stage tech companies..

Kelly has 30 years of global marketing and strategy experience including at several startups with successful exits, and most recently as CMO of Berlin-based unicorn N26.

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Command Comma Consulting


Command Comma provides project-based consulting work for marketing strategy, brand development, and analytic marketing guidance.

Just as the command comma keyboard shortcut opens your computer's options, Command Comma Consulting can also open business options: for growth, profitability, product and customer journey optimization, positioning and target audience definition, tool and vendor selection, marketing best practices and analytically-rigorous models to properly track and measure all your initiatives.

To discuss a potential project contact:

Command Comma UG
Kelly has invested through Command Comma UG and other personal vehicles into more than two dozen very early stage startups.

In conjunction with a direct angel investment, Kelly gets involved with the founders and the business to provide strategic guidance, marketing advice, and connections to help the business strategically and profitably grow.

While there are always exceptions, portfolio focus tends to be:
+ more towards fintech, SaaS, B2C or B2B2C, workplace optimization, sustainability, companies based in Germany and specifically Berlin, truly proprietary technology, clear international expansion opportunity

- less towards traditional e-commerce, social or messaging platforms, fashion, food delivery, gaming, real estate, clear derivatives of already successful platforms, companies outside the EU or US

To discuss a potential angel investment contact:

Investment Portfolio

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